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Lab Alumni

Here are some of our former lab members. They've moved on to bigger and better things, but we're proud they got their start here with us!

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Emily Nichols, Ph.D. 

Emily is a fourth year Ph.D. student in Psychology, investigating the bilingual brain. She uses ERPs, fMRI, and DTI to examine the functional and structural correlates of second language acquisition and processing. She obtained her M.Sc. in psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and her B.Sc. in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University.
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Veronica Whitford, Ph.D

Veronica is a post-doctoral research fellow who has received a Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FQRNT) grant to examine the behavioural and neural correlates of first- and second-language (L1, L2) reading processes in bilingual school-aged children. She received her Ph.D. in 2014 from McGill University, where she examined how individual differences in L2 knowledge and use impact L2, and more interestingly, L1 reading processes in bilinguals across the adult life-span (i.e., 18-60+ years). She also has work examining cognitive (e.g., executive function) and perceptual processing (e.g., oculomotor control) in populations with reading deficits, including schizophrenia and dyslexia.
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Jeff Malins

Jeff earned his Ph.D. in Neuroscience working on processing of phonemic and tonal contrasts in speakers of Mandarin Chinese.


Laura Westmaas

Laura earned her Ph.D. in psychology. Her research examined ERP correlates of complex word processing. She previously obtained her Bachelor's degree from the University of Windsor.



Diedre Desouza

Diedre, an M.Sc. student in Neuroscience, worked on analyzing the hierarchial organization of human auditory cortex. She obtained her B.HSc. degree in Health Science from Western University.



Kathy Maxwell, M.Sc.

Kathy studied reading development in Deaf sign language users.


Amy Desroches, Ph.D.

Studied auditory word recognition and phonetic processing in language and reading disorders using eye-tracking; Reading development, speech perception and phonological awareness in school-age children. She completed a postdoc at Northwestern University, using fMRI to study reading development in children.


Aneta Kielar, Ph.D

Aneta's research examined representations of inflectional and derivational morphology using priming and ERP techniques as well as fMRI. She also studied individual differences in working memory and sentence comprehension. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University, studying fMRI and aphasia.


Allison Andres

Allison completed her Masters degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2008. She was co-supervised by Dr. Janis Cardy in CSD, and Dr. Joanisse in Psychology. Her research examines audio-visual integration of speech sounds using ERPs.


Randy Newman, Ph.D.

Randy received her PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience from Dalhousie University. She utilizes event-related brain potentials (ERPs) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the brain mechanisms underlying reading and speech perception. While at Western she was studying the activation of phonological representations during both visual and spoken word recognition. Randy is currently an Assistant Professor at Acadia University.


Erin Robertson, Ph.D.

Erin received her Ph.D. from UWO in 2007. Her graduate work involved comparing language- and reading-impaired children on phonological processing, past tense morphology, syntax, verbal working memory and speech perception. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at UQAM studying language development in infancy.


RAs, Honours Students and Volunteers


Stephanie Hosang

Stephanie Hosang is currently working as a research assistant for Dr. Marc Joanisse. She recently completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Western University. In her undergraduate career, she worked under Dr. Matthew Heath to investigate the processing of tactile information via perception- and action-based streams.


Alexandria Thornton

Allie is a fourth year student doing an Honours Specialization in Psychology and a Minor in Linguistics. She is currently completing her undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Dr. Marc Joanisse, examining brain correlates of reading comprehension skills in children.


Meghan Vollebregt

Meghan is currently working as a research assistant in the LRCN lab. She recently completed her B.A. in Psychology from Brescia and in her final year conducted an undergraduate thesis looking at the role of executive function in the suppression mechanism of language.


Melissa Liu

Melissa is a fourth year student in Physiology and Pharmacology. She is currently completing her undergraduate honours thesis examining the structural correlates of second language acquisition and proficiency in bilingual adults.


Amanda Martino

Amanda is a fourth year student completing her honours specialization in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. She is completing her honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Veronica Whitford in the Brain and Mind Institute. Specifically, she is looking at reading comprehension differences in monolingual and bilingual children. She plans to pursue a career in Speech-Language Pathology.

Jennifer Hoshooley 

Research Associate. Jennifer obtained her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Western examining neuroplasticity in the adult brain and was involved in various projects in the lab.


Kate Bryant 

Lab manager/research assistant.

Ashlyn Swift-Gallant

Research assistant.

Janet Aucoin

Current position: Graduate student in Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Rachel Rabi

Fourth year honours student in psychology, working on nonword repetition and short-term memory.


Melany Shepherd

Melany investigated the relationships between working memory, categorical perception, and performance on nonword repetition tasks in children with language impairment. She is now a graduate student at the University of Toronto in Speech Pathology.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica worked with us examining the relationship between children's knowledge of reading and math.


Stephanie Neilson

Stephanie investigated categorical perception in children with dyslexia using eyetracking. She is now working on her masters degree in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Toronto.


Blair Armstrong

Blair was an NSERC summer student working on connectionist modeling of speech processing. He's now a graduate student at Carnegie Melon University.


Jared Berman

Jared volunteered in our lab for two years. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Calgary.

Heather Beatton, B.A

Heather's honours thesis project studied irregular past tense development in preschoolers.


Ali Terry, B.A.

Ali's Honours Psychology project focused on the reading and language abilities of normal, reading impaired and language impaired children. She now works at a speech-language pathologist.

Hannah Gordon, B.A.

Hannah's project examined categorical perception of speech and nonspeech sounds in adults using evoked potentials. She is currently a graduate student in Health Sciences at UWO.


Rachael Millard, B.A.

Rachael examined the predictiveness of rapid automatized naming (RAN) to pre-reading abilities such as phonology and orthography, as measured by rhyming and letter naming. She is now in her second year of Communication Sciences and Disorders at UWO.


Ed O'Neil

Ed was a third year undergraduate workstudy student. He also completed his graduate studies in Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience in the Psychology Department at UWO.


Katherine Freeman, B.A.

Katherine worked on an ERP study investigating how English past tense morphology is processed and represented in the brain. More recently she has been an M.S.W. student at the University of Toronto.


Natasha Gomes, B.A.

Natasha's honors thesis looked at the factors that influence reading achievement in elementary school aged children, including phonological awareness, language skills, working memory, previous experiences and socioeconomic status.


Stella Ng, B.A.

Stella studied speech perception and reading ability in children with sensorineural hearing loss. She has since trained in audiology, and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Health Sciences.


Carol Ann Williamson, B.A.

Carol Ann's honors thesis explored the factors that promote exceptional reading. She examined language skills, phonological awareness and reading skills in elementary school aged children. She recently completed Teacher's College at Lakehead University.

Nicole Ferreira

Nicole worked as an RA and before that was a fourth year honours student studying correlations between ERP measures of basic auditory perception and reading ability in school-aged children. She is currently a graduate student in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Toronto.


Fahmida Pardhan

Fahmida was an undergraduate student in biology, volunteering in the lab. She is currently a graduate student in speech pathology at Case Western Reserve University.





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